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Area of Expertise: As a Professional Counselor, Ms Carswell has various areas of expertise. Some of her services include children, adolescents, and adults counseling. Ms Carswell is a Certified Mediator for the State of Georgia, a certified Juvenile Mediator and a certified Domestic Relations Mediator. As a certified facilitator for National Alliance of Mental Illness, Ms Carswell educates and counsels parents of children with diagnosis, such as ADHD, bi-polar disorder, attachment disorder, etc.

Ms Carswell is an Adjunct Professor, teaching Psychology for Troy University for the Southeast Region of Georgia and E-Campus.

She is also an instructor /counselor for court mandated divorce education classes for divorcing parents of the 10th district and Certified Facilitator for “Sandcastles Program” for Helping Children Cope with Divorce. Guardian Ad Litem for the 10th District using ASPECT Ackerman-Schoendorf Scales for Parent Evaluation of Custody. In addition, she is Clinical Hypnotherapist, specializing in smoking cessation, weight loss, bad habits and stress reduction.

Interests: All areas of counseling and psychotherapy to include Art Therapy and Hypnotherapy.

Teaching: Introduction to Psychology; Learning Theories; Counseling and Psychotherapy; Abnormal Psychology; Social Psychology; Psychology of Adjustment; Child Psychology; Lifespan Development; Sensation & perception; Theories of Personality; Cognitive Psychology; etc. Web enhanced teaching on Blackboard and in class.

As a Student Cohort Recruiter for the South East Region for Troy University, Ms Carswell duties included: Designing recruiting campaigns for the South East Region and the implementation thereof. Traveling to Troy University sites and developing cohorts near the sites were among her duties. Calling on school systems, businesses, hospitals, etc. and presenting information sessions to administration and employees and following through to fruition, a cohort of students beginning a Masters Degree Program.

Personal Accomplishments: Ms. Carswell was voted “Woman of the Week” by Channel 26 TV during April 2006. She is a commissioned artist as well as a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist. As a motivational speaker, some of the most requested topics include “Stress Reduction in the Workplace” and “Empowerment of Women.”

History: Ms Carswell counseling and professional background dates back to 1992 as a teacher of counseling with use of art therapy, 1993 as a counselor, training programs coordinator, 1997 as a counselor and caseworker at Brightmore Psychiatric Hospital, 1999 as a counselor and caseworker PRN Responsible for Psychological Intake and Evaluations; Observation of patients in crisis; co-counseling private patients; (qualified as supervised hours) Counselor and Case Worker. In 2003 she became an instructor for court mandated divorce seminars, dealing with “The Effects of Divorce on Children” in addition to a professor of psychology at the Augusta Community College-GMC. In 2004 Ms Carswell became a distance learning Coordinator with the duties of training professors to teach distance learning online. She later taught E-Army (World Wide) on Blackboard Internet System in 2004. Ms Carswell also became the Adjunct Professor of Psychology at Troy State University in 2002 and is decorated as a Licensed Professional Counselor for the state of Georgia.

Case Preferences/Dislikes: No preferences or dislikes

Travel: I will travel, if necessary and compensated, considering the limitations of my schedule. Cheryl Carswell, MS, LPC, NCC, BCPC