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DUI Information

What do I need to do first?                                 What do I do second ?                                
- Take your Risk Reduction Class
- Have your NEEDS ASSESSMENT from the Risk Reduction   Class Faxed over to 706-869-7380 .
You do not have to have a clinical evaluation at your Risk Reduction Class!! You get to choose the Clinical Evaluator!!!!
-Obtain a copy of your seven year driving record from the Department of Drivers Services. Bring it to your Clinical Evaluation Appointment at:
Georgia Family Crisis Solutions, Inc.
4145 Columbia Rd.
Martinez, Georgia 30907
You must have a Clinical Evaulation by a
Certified Clinical Evaluator and treatment is determined
by the information from the evaluation.
- Make an appointment for your Clinical Evaluation by calling 706-869-7373.
Appointments are one hour and cost $120.00
- We take all forms of payment except personal checks for the
Clinical DUI Evaluation.
Clinical Evaulation and DUI Treatment are offered here at
Georgia Family Crisis Solutions! 


-Treatment is determined by your clinical evaluator at Georgia Family Crisis Solutions.
      Be aware there are no 6, 12 or 17 week programs!
Your treatment time will be determined by your progress
in treatment.
-Open, ongoing groups for substance abuse participants.
- Yes, you may have your clinical evaluation faxed to Georgia Family Crisis Solutions and receive your treatment here.
 -Any questions, please do not hesitate to give us a call

Intake fee is $25.00 and $40.00 per week
State of Georgia requires that you attend class
3 hours per week

We are here to help!


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